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Curse RemovalThis site explores stories from folklore and history, showing how curses affect us and giving examples of their manifestations in our lives. The stories on this site go beyond merely entertaining. They offer educational insights into the problem of curses. It can help you find focus and seek solutions to problems that stem from curses.

Practical Kabbalah as a method of Curse Removal

Practical kabbalah is one of the oldest systems to remove and neutralize a curse. Practical kabbalah is a most hidden subdivision of kabbalistic knowledge. This system allows to tap into the primordial powers of the Universe and by this attain the necessary assistance and protection.

The tradition maintains that parts of this ancient knowledge were revealed as early as the dawn of time, to Adam, by an angel of God. They were then passed on to Enoch, Abraham, and all the way down to King Solomon himself. Read More about “About This Resource”

Latest Articles

  • Bad Luck Curses

    The bad luck curse is not so much a category of curses as it is a description of its effects. The bad luck jinx is probably the most common curse that ever existed. It has been used and known since ages uncounted and is recognized in every culture, everywhere.
  • Romani Beliefs and Curses

    The Romani, also known as the Gypsies, are a people who originated in India during the Middle Ages. They migrated to Europe and to other locations all over the world, spreading their rich, mystical culture wherever they went. They have a colorful and deep tradition with a complex mythology, folklore …
  • Curses in the Bible

    Curses are among of the most ancient known forms of magic. They have roots in every religious system, every single mythology and in cultures all over the world. Naturally, the Bible being one of the oldest written documents that describe what we now call the “supernatural”, has many descriptive mentions …
  • Witchcraft Curses in Old and Modern Days

    When we talk about witchcraft and curses cast by witches, it almost inevitably invokes the image of an old woman in a pointy hat, or an exotically dressed lady with candles and potion bottles lining the walls. The thing is, however, that witchcraft is far more serious than all of …
  • Hexes and Curses – An Age Old Practice

    Hex Curses come in a great variety and share a resemblance to Evil Eye, Possession and Occult Spells. Their main effect is usually, but not always, centered on an individual, a place or an item. The main danger of hex curses and the reason they are so common is that most …
  • Cursed Places – Get Away or Drive it Away?

    Cursed places come in all shapes and sizes and the curses vary in cause and origin. The common thing is that there is a place which causes misfortune and disaster to those who reside in it or own it. It may also affect those who merely visit it, and are …
  • Voodoo Curses – Exotic and Unusual Curses

    Voodoo has been a popular source of tales all through the 20th century and even before. Colonists arriving at distant coasts and coming into contact with cultures that embraced the mystical and coexisted with spirits and ghosts in their daily lives reported many strange occurrences.
  • Cursed Items – the Hidden Trap

    Cursed items have a reputation that can traverse many ages and even thousands of years. We have heard tales about ancient Egyptian tombs containing treasures that afflicted the grave robbers with disaster and disease. We have also heard tales of cursed, ill-begotten treasure that would getting it’s previous owner’s revenge …
  • Generational Curses in Ancient and Modern History

    The Generational Curse and Family Curse have a lot in common, but also have a profound difference. Family curse can be tied to items, places and specific people in the family. They will harm only those who come into contact with them. Generational curses are far more frightening.
  • Family Curses in Modern and Ancient History

    Humanity has known the fear and trepidation connected to Family Curses from the dawn of time. The Bible, Greek Mythology, Japanese Shinto and other ancient religious and historical texts are full of stories of families that were carrying cruel and frightening curses.
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