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Curse Removal

This site explores stories from folklore and history showing how curses affect us and manifest themselves in our lives. The stories on this site go beyond merely entertaining. They offer educational insights into the problem of curses. This resource can help you find focus and seek solutions to problems that stem from curses of different kinds.

Practical Kabbalah as a method of Curse Removal

Practical kabbalah is the oldest system known that can be used to remove and neutralize a curse. Practical kabbalah is a secret subdivision of kabbalistic knowledge. It is a practice and methodology which allows to tap into the primordial powers of the Universe and by this attain the necessary assistance and protection needed to overcome a curse.

The tradition maintains that parts of this ancient knowledge were revealed as early as the dawn of time, to Adam, by an angel of God. They were then passed on to Enoch, Abraham, and all the way down to King Solomon himself.

Practical Solution

Gersh Nubirg has dedicated years of his life to the research and consolidation of this wisdom, bringing the primary sources together and connecting them into a cohesive whole. The research went on to examine this wisdom from all possible aspects – the Religious, the Philosophical, and the Scientific. The result was a set of keys to the spiritual mechanisms that neutralize curse’s outcomes in the physical world.

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