Bad Luck Curses

Curse Removal The bad luck curse is not so much a category of curses as it is a description of its effects. The bad luck jinx is probably the most common curse that ever existed. It has been used and known since ages uncounted and is recognized in every culture, everywhere.

Origins and Explanation of “Mechanics”

The thing is that the phenomenon known as “bad luck” cannot be explained in any way that is purely physical. You have to step into the realm of the spiritual to even begin to understand what bad luck is and how it works.

How do you explain that one person seems to get all the promotions at work without even making an effort, while another is far more suited and she’s trying and still there is no positive outcome? Simpler examples exist, such as coming by money on the street or being spared when accidents happen. Did you notice that some people have an encounter with danger and come out of it with nothing resembling a scratch when by all accounts it should have ended in a hospital?

What about the opposite? A couple plans their wedding and honeymoon down to the smallest details. Then the wedding dress gets shredded by the family’s cat, rain starts in mid August and the best man gets drunk silly and can’t make it to the ceremony. When they sort through this mess, the honeymoon trip gets spoiled as well. The flight is delayed, the luggage doesn’t arrive and the destination hotel turns out to be overbooked and there are no available rooms.

This may be an exaggerated example and some readers were probably laughing at the absurdity of it all, but you must also know that similar chains of misfortune do happen to some people. And they happen to some people much more often than they do to others.

Just Bad Luck or A Bad Luck Curse?

Of course there is no such thing as “just bad luck”. It is always something spiritual. We get our karma tarnished by making poor moral choices and some people get their bad luck handed down to them from previous generations. But what if you never had problems with Lady Fortune, and all of a sudden it looks like you are paying interest on all those happy years? What if all of an unhappy sudden you see your affair start going all awry, and for no reason at all? This is when it may be time to look around and see if someone didn’t jinx you.

Bad luck curses are so common because they are easy to enact. You don’t need a witch or a voodoo practitioner for this – all you need is to get really angry at someone and wish them to break a leg (not applicable to actors before a performance) or two. Then the person may be going about their business with a black cloud over their head, attracting all sorts of negative energy.

Some of those curses will simply dissipate over time, but others may stick to the victim for years, making their lives thoroughly miserable.

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