Curses in the Bible

Curse Removal Curses are among of the most ancient known forms of magic. They have roots in every religious system, every single mythology and in cultures all over the world. Naturally, the Bible being one of the oldest written documents that describe what we now call the “supernatural”, has many descriptive mentions of curses.

The main use of curses in the Bible is to be a conduit of G-d’s judgement. In Exodus, there is a long list of sins to which the punishment is not physical, such as banishment or stoning, but metaphysical. When the punishment is spiritual, it is far more profound and can strike at a person, the person’s family and even at the family’s future generations.

Generational Curse – The Oldest Curse In The Bible

The Generational Curse is among the most commonly mentioned curses in the Scripture. Here is an example of a harsh generational curse imposed in Deuteronomy 28:59 for the sin of forsaking G-d’s worship: “Then the LORD will overwhelm you and your children with indescribable plagues. These plagues will be intense and without relief, making you miserable and unbearably sick”.

Another curse that is invoked by this sin is insanity and strife: “Even the most gentle and sensitive man among you will have no compassion on his own brother or the wife he loves or his surviving children

Then it continues: “The most gentle and sensitive woman among you–so sensitive and gentle that she would not venture to touch the ground with the sole of her foot–will begrudge the husband she loves and her own son or daughter

The main difference between biblical curses and others that are cast by witches, caused by evil eye or brought about by a cursed object, is that biblical curses are the result of our own sins. This makes them both harder and more difficult to deal with.

Removing a curse in case of a jinx or a wiccan spell is a bit tricky, since it is harder to map and trace. Locating the curse’s origin is often the hard part in this case, because it is also usually centered not directly on the victim but on their clothing or some toy or other item in their home. Once located, such a curse is relatively easy to remove, unless it was enacted by a practitioner of enormous power.

A biblical, or G-d imposed, curse is easy to diagnose. The being of the cursed person will be shining like a dark beacon, attracting negative energy and spirits from all around. Removing such a curse is no small feat, however. A practitioner can not just go and break a curse enacted by the will of the Almighty. The curse removal in this instance should involve prayer and repentance, as well as rituals and amulets that open the channels to the spiritual world and invoke the Lord’s forgiveness.

It is easier to achieve if the sinner is a great-great ancestor, and more difficult if the cursed person is themselves the cause for the curse. Either way, however, the solution does exist and should be seeked without delay.

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