Family Curses in Modern and Ancient History

Curse Removal Humanity has known the fear and trepidation connected to Family Curses from the dawn of time. The Bible, Greek Mythology, Japanese Shinto and other ancient religious and historical texts are full of stories of families that were carrying cruel and frightening curses.

The origins of curses in those stories differ a great deal from one another, depending on the premise of the text and the beliefs inherent in the culture within which it was created. In those we know from the Bible, the origin of a curse is a person’s own sins, it being a severe punishment for them. In other belief systems, the curse can be the result of magical malevolent influence. In others still the curse is a whim of the gods that toy with human destiny in a cruel way.

One thing in common among family curses is the way that they affect those who had come under their influence. The experience is often a mix of dread with a strong feeling of injustice. After all, when a great-great ancestor committed a crime, it feels unjust for the descendants to be punished. And the dread comes from the feeling of sheer helplessness and vulnerability that accompanies the family curse. After all, the forces at work are not tangible and seem completely unpredictable. Here are a few examples of old and new family curses and the stories behind them.

The Kennedy Family Curse

There was lots of talk about the Kennedie being afflicted by a curse. Admittedly, the family did experience an uncharacteristic streak of grief caused by deaths of its members. The latest victim was the second wife of Robert F. Kennedy, who committed suicide several years ago. She is only the last name on a long list of casualties in a family that is both loved and even revered by almost an entire nation. So the question is, what started this gruesome family curse and how did it happen? One of the versions is that JFK’s great grandfather Thomas Fitzgerald discovered a chest full of gold coins somewhere in Ireland.The good fortune of the find was soon marred by a string of unfortunate events. The village was destroyed and Fitzgerald fled to Boston to become ultra rich, with the rest of the family ultimately paying the price for his newly acquired status.

The Nepalese Royal Family Curse.

Another dark story is  about the Nepalese prince who one day got drunk and shot his mother, father, and seven more members of the Royal Family before shooting himself. He died three days later, never coming out of his coma and leaving us with many unanswered questions. While the modern world explained it by attributing the prince’s rampage to mental illness, locals did not need any such explanations. Many citizens still remembered the end of the monarchy having been predicted over 200 years before. The legend stated that Nepal’s first monarch met and gave some food to an old yogi. The man ate the food and vomited it back, offering it to the king. The king refused it (of course) and the yogi cursed the king and his dynasty, proclaiming it will end ten generations later.

There are many unanswered questions that remain hanging in the air around those stories and other similar ones, but one thing’s for sure. There seems to be enough commonalities between them to suspect a strong grain of truth within their folds. Never take a family curse lightly.

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