Hexes and Curses – An Age Old Practice

Curse Removal Hex Curses come in a great variety and share a resemblance to Evil Eye, Possession and Occult Spells. Their main effect is usually, but not always, centered on an individual, a place or an item. The main danger of hex curses and the reason they are so common is that most hex curses are enacted unwittingly by people who are not entirely aware that they are doing it.

On many occasions, a strong emotion, such as grief or envy, or a sensation of extreme pain can cause a human being to target another human being with a hex curse. The sheer emotional outrage concentrated in the thought creates an impact that transcends the emotional and goes into the realm of the spiritual. Such a targeted spiritual beam can engage forces that are then directed to target the victim of the hex curse, causing him bad luck, health problems, failure at work and a deterioration of their relationships, to name the very few.

Targeted or “Professional” Hex Curses

A hex curse that was enacted by a specialist practitioner carries even more danger to its victim. It is more precise, better directed and far more powerful. If a person bound by feeling of revenge seeks out someone who practices those dark rituals and commissions a hex spell, then the effect is often immediate, consistent and very strong. And it is nearly impossible to reverse without the help of a curse removal amulet or ritual.

Hex Curses on Items

This is not unusual for the terrible emotion that starts the curse not to find its recipient, settling on an item or a place instead. Those things and places carry auras of grief and are often spoken of with reverence and fear.

Other Applications of the Hex

There is the direct and indirect way in being affected by a hex and becoming its victim. The direct way consists of having your food or drink cursed. The spell can be cast mentally, or consist of a whole variety of materials which the practitioner chooses to use, and which we would rather not name.

The indirect way consists of cursing objects that belong to the victim, such as clothing, photographs etc. Very much like in the case of the voodoo curse, there is also the possibility of using items that represent the victim, such as dolls, animals, puppets. The process is called “transfer” of the curse and can be extremely harmful despite its being indirect.

Rasputin’s Last Words – a Historic Example

Rasputin was a dark mystic who found great influence and favor with Russia’s Royal family. His power soon went to his head, however, and a few of the Romanovs decided to have him eliminated. But he was exceptionally hard to kill, taking poison, a fall down a steep staircase, multiple gunshots and the subsequent drowning to finally bring him down. His last words were a vicious hex curse, saying that the Romanovs will not outlive the year. The Royal family was subsequently murdered by the Bolsheviks not a year following his death.

Regardless of its origin, the way to counter a hex curse – which is a concentrated and targeted desire to cause harm – is by a concentrated spiritual curse removal counter-measure.

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