Voodoo Curses – Exotic and Unusual Curses

Curse Removal Voodoo has been a popular source of tales all through the 20th century and even before. Colonists arriving at distant coasts and coming into contact with cultures that embraced the mystical and coexisted with spirits and ghosts in their daily lives reported many strange occurrences.

One of those beliefs has to do with voodoo curses, and the aura of abject terror that they inspire. The reason that this topic is very relevant today is because the voodoo religion and its darker practices have travelled the world and can be encountered in our modern cities even today.

How Voodoo Works

The voodoo curse is a specific example of a hex or an evil eye. It is most commonly used to address a single individual, causing them all sorts of grief. This can include simple bad luck, relationship problems, a deterioration of their health and many more unfortunate and disturbing effects. Contrary to popular belief, the voodoo curse does not require the use of a doll. It is usually sufficient to have a single hair or part of the person’s clothing to enact the curse. The spells cast will vary in power and influence, depending on the person enacting them. A versed practitioner of Dark Voodoo can cause tremendous pain on a victim, up to and including possession by an evil spirit. A less proficient practitioner will still often manage to create a stripe of bad luck that can make the victim’s life extremely difficult and even dangerous.

Voodoo Curse Uses

The purposes of voodoo spells are many and varied, with the common between them being to harm or possess another person. They can even be used as “love” magic, although it is more akin to violent coercion than anything resembling actual love. Another common use of the voodoo curse is to enact revenge on someone.

Such was the case of Franz Bordes, a 39 year old man from Staten Island who had killed his two young children and then took his own life. This happened shortly after he was put under the influence of a voodoo curse by a relative. His suicide notes indicated the influence of voodoo, and pointed to the person responsible. Modern medics discard such things as the rambling of a madman, not realizing that the tormented spirit of a cursed man often reveals the truth of the curse.

In another example from Florida, a man from the Haitian community had come to the police to report that he was put under the influence of a voodoo spell. The police officers have reported that he’d acted completely normal, showing no signs of being unstable. According to him, he’d felt the curse to be in place for over a year, but with no particular ill effect but it still made him fear the possible outcome. His reason for filing the report, even though he understood that the police wouldn’t treat it seriously, was to have some documentation of the occurrence.

Those are only an edge of the iceberg when it comes to curses and their disruptive influence on our lives. There is more out there that we do not understand and only a curse removal practitioner can decipher and remedy.

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