Witchcraft Curses in Old and Modern Days

Curse Removal When we talk about witchcraft and curses cast by witches, it almost inevitably invokes the image of an old woman in a pointy hat, or an exotically dressed lady with candles and potion bottles lining the walls. The thing is, however, that witchcraft is far more serious than all of those stereotypes and more often than not, much harder to recognize.

The modern world is no less full of witchcraft, sorcery and other types of dark arts than it was two hundred years ago. It has adapted and made itself invisible to most, except for those who actively seek or practice it. When we say witchcraft, we mean all forms and variations of rituals that draw on dark powers and evil spirits to cause harm to others.

The Curse of Tecumseh

It is a very peculiar circumstance, from the standpoint of a “rational” person’s perspective, and not many have made the connection, but American presidents who are elected every 20th year always die in office. William Henry Harrison was elected in 1840, caught a cold during the inauguration, with the cold progressing into pneumonia and causing his death not long after. Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 and shot to death by an assassin during his second term. James Garfield, elected in 1880, got shot by Charles Guiteau a year later. The list goes on and on, and it seems that there is no explanation to it. Unless you consider the story of Tecumseh, a Native American leader who cursed the Americans after his forces were defeated in the Battle of Tippecanoe.

This story goes to show that it doesn’t always require candles and incantations to cast a witchcraft curse on someone, granted that there is power and a will behind the curse. This also goes to show how curses can transcend generations and affect the lives of people a hundred years after they are cast.

Forms of Witchcraft Curses

There is no need to encounter and anger a powerful shaman or witch to get under the influence of a witchcraft curse. Some curses can be simply purchased. There are people who will, for a fee, help someone to put a witchcraft curse on someone else.

It may come from jealousy or to settle an old score. An ex lover may decide to go to a witch to get their revenge for being broken up with, or a fired employee can decide to do this to get even with his boss. In some cases, an object is cursed, that has to do with the intended victim and the influence is transferred to them.

Dark magic can also be used to tie a person to another when love is not there. Such a form of obsessive slavery is unnatural and is followed by an incessant feeling of resentment and suffocation, yet the person cannot leave. Many of those cases can be explained away as strictly psychological phenomena, but they cannot be fixed by any means other than spiritual.  Depending on the situation, a curse removal amulet, ritual or exorcism may be necessary.

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